My name is Akvilina, and I am living my American dream with Lithuanian accent (literally and figuratively). 

My story began in a tiny, but bucket- list worthy country on the Baltic Sea: Lithuania. My country was under the Soviet regime at a time, and  part of my developing years were lived in a socialist society. In my teenage years, rebellious Lithuanians made themselves known in the world by being the first country to break off from the Soviet Union and became independent. That was a “my-world-turned-upside-down-over-night” kind of experience and though I was tough, boy am I grateful for growth that resulted from it. A few short year later, thanks to scholarship, I made my tumultuous life even more interesting by uprooting and starting over in America. By then, even though I was not even of age to celebrate new move with champagne, my life experiences made me feel a decade or two older.

These three life-changing events formed my “fend for myself” kind of personality and ultimately led to my American Dream with a “Lithuanian accent” kind of life. It is a lovely life, and I am head-over-heals happy to live in this country, yet frequently notice that a lot of my fellow Americans are not taking full advantage of the life they could live. So take it from a girl who really appreciates it, because she has seen worse.  

Here is the reason for my lifestyle bog: to hopefully guide you on how to create the life you deserve. I don’t look at any of my previous experiences as victimizing, horrible or hard; they were just learning ones that sprouted growth.

Not having many “things” in my childhood sparked great creativity to make my own, do with less, and enjoy life experiences and friendships rather than “things”. I am planning on using this platform to empower you to use your creativity, as well.

Life in the Soviet Union meant closed borders with guarded knowledge of the outside world. That restriction sparked enormous desire to travel within me. Traveling can get expensive, and I had to get pretty creative to feed my passion and would like you to come back to this blog to check out tips for traveling inexpensively. This brings me to my second passion of what I call “healthy” finances that allows you to ease your mind of financial burdens. Will have to have a whole separate “page” for that. 

I will stop my introduction here in hopes that we would get to know each other more in my upcoming posts.

Iki malonaus,