Hello World!

Welcome to the “behind the scenes” of my Charmingly Imperfect Life! This is a place where I share my experiences and guidance to living a charmingly imperfect life embellished with travel, worldly experiences and fun on a healthy budget.

First, while I am documenting “my” life, I want you to picture yourself, and envision your life with a touch of guidance from me to create what “me” means for you.

Why charming? Because it is the first word that came to my mind while thinking of my life, and I could not shake it off (it is seemed to be the most accurate fit). It is definitely not glamorous, perfect or always wonderful. In my mind, charming associates with a good luck charm and that is I what I want to be for you: hopefully my stories and advice will be a good luck charm to a fuller life.

Imperfect. As a recovering perfectionist, I frequently struggled with imperfection, and while it took a while, I am embracing it now. Trust me, life is so much simpler when you admit to imperfections.

Life. I was initially encouraged by my friends to share tips on our frequent travels; especially tips on traveling with children. As I was getting travel articles published, and kept dishing out my travel advice, I kept getting those “looks” as my travel tips were not feasible for most, usually because of the financial constraints. And, surprise, surprise, assisting people with finances has been a passion of mine for decades. So, I am going beyond travel advice here, because at the end of the day, life is a total package of many parts. I will attempt to use my experience to guide you to achieve healthy finances, so you can enjoy your life as it is meant to be enjoyed. Ironically, travel and finances seem to go in a circular connection; I believe the more you see the world, the less “things” you start acquiring. “Things” are replaced with wisdom, which leads back to the healthier finances, which, in return, allows for more money to spend on travel. It might not be clear to you now, but follow my blog, and I will give you more step by step directions.

Iki malonaus,